Abbas Kiarostami is the most influential post-Revolutionary Iranian filmmaker and a highly celebrated director in the international film community. Kiarostami is a graduate of Tehran University’s Faculty of Fine Arts in Painting. He was first involved in painting, photography and illustration before embarking on his film making career. Kiarostami has made several award winning films, including the Taste of Cherry which was awarded the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival. He belongs to a generation of filmmakers who created the "New Wave of Iranian Cinema", which started in the 1960s, and which continued after the Iranian Revolution of 1979. These filmmakers made innovative independent and art house films, with strong political and philosophical tones, and which were simultaneously intertwined with poetic language. Kiarostami’s personal style is distinguished by a philosophical vision which eschews conventional narrative and documentary filmmaking, and which challenges the audience’s role, playing with their expectations and provoking their creative imagination.

As with his cinema, Kiarostami’s photography is characterised by the economy of vision, film and language.

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