Shenda Amery is a world renowned painter and sculptress. She was chosen to sculpt the busts of two sitting British Prime Ministers, Baroness Thatcher and Sir John Major, and to paint the portrait of Prime Minister Tony Blair, which portrait hung at Chequers, the Prime Ministers’ official country residence. Amery’s work is well known internationally, and she has sculpted many luminaries including H.M. King Hussein and H.M. Queen Noor.

Shenda Amery was born in England and grew up in Somerset, Surrey, Essex and London. She studied chemistry and moved to Tehran in 1959 to work as a chemist at Tehran University. Building on her innate talent as an artist, and her love for that medium, Amery started painting in Iran in 1970, all the while training under noted Iranian and American painting masters then living in Iran. Amery also trained under Ling Po.

Amery's mixed media works reflect her view of what man is doing to the world and to the environment. Amery addresses the breakdown of society, overpopulation, pollution, greed and violence. Amery's works complement each other and create a forced tension not easily overlooked. Amery wants "like a spider, to coax [her] audience into a trap where they are forced to interact with thoughts and feelings they may not want to address." Amery's works are emblematic of her Anglo-Iranian life and the various Iranian, Islamic and Eastern influences.

Amery’s work has been widely exhibited including shows at the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Cleveland’s Dorman Museum, London’s Orangery and at various museums in Iran.

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