Michael Benisty is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York and Shanghai. Raised in Antwerp, Belgium, he learned the art of crafting diamonds at an early age, where he fostered his creative eye and nimble hands. Michael later put his talents to use working as a freelance stylist for European magazines such as Marie-Claire, Flair, and Cosmopolitan. He settled in New York in 1999, where he opened his design salon, Benisty.

In 2003 he opened Studio 69, having found a new way of self-expression through photography. Since then, his work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Whitewall, Oyster, Arte, Another Magazine, and Art news.

While working on commercial projects, Benisty discovered how the retouching techniques he used in fashion and art photography could be used to create digital art with a message. He approached his art based on the international political and social issues he witnessed while travelling in South Africa, Israel, India, China, and throughout Europe. In 2007, he completed his first series, “if it disturbs you it’s art.” He sees his work as a journey of exploration through different themes and materials taken from images in the media to create unique pieces. Benisty intends to bring attention to certain world issues.

Benisty opened a photo studio in Shanghai in 2008 and is currently building a skull sculpture 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide, titled “Angel of Heaven,” comprised of stainless steel and crystal and which will be publicly displayed in Shanghai.

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