Mehdi Saeedi is an internationally renowned artist and designer. His aesthetics have become a mainstay of design in many regions, especially in those using the Arabic script as their alphabet.

Born in Tehran, Iran, on September 4, 1979, Saeedi was educated and trained at Tehran’s Malekeh Ashtar School of Graphic Design, at Tehran University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and at the University of Cambridge. Saeedi’s works have been exhibited at numerous major museums worldwide and are part of several prominent museum, public and private collections.

Mehdi Saeedi is emblematic of Iran’s prominence and regional dominance in photography, graphic design and poster art. Iran’s political dynamism and wholesale social changes throughout the late 1970s and the 1980s, her role as an ideological source since 1979 and her national psyche and propaganda art during the Iran - Iraq war have all helped Iran and her artists to acquire a focus, and then a forte, in those media. The new Iran’s maturity and post war peace and prosperity have only highlighted these strengths.

Saeedi’s art draws inspiration from the traditional Eastern focus on the aesthetic and from his own expertise with the Arabic script. He uses optical opportunities presented by the dancing and sensual nature of the Arabic script to provide a wholly conceptual approach to contemporary art.

While earlier futurists such as Giacomo Balla, Victor Vasarley and Bridget Riley manipulated the geometry of form and space, Saeedi uses the amenable Arabic script, and the Iranian Nastaliq and Siah-Mashq schools of calligraphy, to induce the notions of movement, speed, velocity, space and colour, and to create various modes of optical illusion.

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