Nader Davoodi is an award winning artist, photographer, photojournalist and publisher. His work has at many times captured the zeitgeist of contemporary Iran.
Nader Davoodi’s latest works visualise the poetry of the Mo’jjam History by the 13th century A.D. Iranian poet Ghazvini. The compilations in the Mojj’am History chronicle Iran’s Shahs (kings) from the reign of Kioumars Shah, whose reign coincides with the beginning of the epic Shahnameh (book of kings), through the end of the reign of Anushiravan Shah. The Shahnameh, the literary masterpiece of the highly revered 10th century A.D. Iranian poet Ferdowsi, is iconic to the Iranian sense of national identity, and has had great influence on the Iranian psyche and on Iranian literary creations. The Shahnameh can even be viewed as the genesis of the Iranian interpretation of proper social customs, good rules, correct manners and wise maxims, differentiating the customs and culture of “Persian” Iranians from those of the other peoples of the greater Middle East.

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