Mania Akbari’s artistic excellence spans various media - she is an accomplished artist, a lauded actress and an award winning film maker.

Mania Akbari starred in Abbas Kiarostami’s “Ten”, the legendary filmmaker’s interpretation of Akbari’s life and a perfect example of art imitating life imitating art. In 2004 Mania Akbari directed, co-wrote and co-produced “20 Fingers” which won the prize for best film in the Digital section of the Venice Film Festival. Following that success Akbari faced a personal challenge after being diagnosed with cancer. Akbari documented her battle against the disease in the film “10+4” which revolved around the filmmaker’s uncertainty as to whether she would live to finish the film. “10+4” was screened at numerous film festivals and received the prize for best film at both the Nantes Film Festival and the Kerala Film Festival.

Mania uses large scale photography, film and video installations to create visually stunning art. The enthralling aesthetics are accompanied by deeply resonating messages on the female role in society and on society’s treatment of women over several millennia of human socialisation.

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