Jamshid Bayrami is one the world’s most accomplished photojournalists, having extensively covered the Iran-Iraq War, and the politics of the Middle East for organisations such as Time, The Economist, Webestan and Agence France Presse. His photograph for the cover of an issue of the Economist has proven one of that publication’s most iconic images. Bayrami has received the UNESCO world prize for photography and the Grand Prize of the Fajr Festival.

Jamshid Bayrami was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1961 and was educated and trained in Tehran. As an artist, Bayrami uses photography as a medium and inevitably draws on his vast journalistic experience. His art focuses on social issues, including organized faith, and his forte lies in capturing populaces’ beliefs and rituals.

Bayrami’s images of the Hajj pilgrimage, taken in 2006, are some of the most captivating and enthralling bodies of imagery to arrive on the artistic scene. With subtlety, Jamshid Bayrami has depicted the ritual of the Haj, and through that has analyzed numerous social and political aspects of Islam and its followers.

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